Health management of cage-free layers for profitability


Managing the health of cage free layers is not that different from managing regular layers. According to Mike Button, Consultant of Veterinary Health International, a good health management system include:

• Balancing production costs – why although it is higher compared to commercial production, consumer demand translates to a willingness to pay a premium.

• Health management is a collaborative effort – from feed suppliers to transporters to biosecurity management at the farm.

• Training and labor costs are part of overall health management costs as cage free production requires different skill sets.

• Main challenges include the environment and how well the birds are trained. Litter handling, bathing, and pecking are part of health management to be considered and to avoid excessive floor or dirty eggs.

Mike has been in the livestock industry for over 35 years and is experienced in all areas of business management, sales, marketing, team leadership and production. He has been instrumental in developing new markets, new distributors and new products in the UK and international markets. In poultry, his in-depth knowledge covers breeders, commercial and cage free layers in rearing, health/husbandry management and bio-security sectors.

Editor, Asian Meat Magazine, Alternative Protein and Meat Insider, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Spoke to one of Malaysia’s leading pork suppliers about efficient farming using modern technology and biosecurity measures in’ Modern operations keeps Jade Tani profitable’.


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