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Poultry consumption in India low for six months

Indian poultry integrators suffer from low chicken consumption for about six months annually, recent...

Shiok’s cultivated seafood cost has dropped

Shiok Meats, a pioneer in cultivated seafood, has revealed that its production costs have...

Silver lining from ASF in Asia

ASF has been wreaking havoc globally, but there is a silver lining. Dr Megan...

Hendrix sponsors cage-free farm in Indonesia

Hendrix Genetics is sponsoring the cage-free model farm initiated by Singapore’s Global Food Partners...

Philippine chicken production up 9.8% in H1

Philippine chicken production rose 9.8% in the first six months, said the Philippine Statistics...

Cambodia to produce hybrids from native pigs

Cambodia is domesticating two indigenous pigs—the northeastern pig and the Kulen pig—for commercial production....

FGV ventures into feed for native chicken

Malaysian palm oil conglomerate, FGV Holdings Bhd, is venturing into producing feed for native...

East Nusa Tenggara has no new ASF cases

Indonesia's East Nusa Tenggara province had no new cases of ASF in July, said...

High raw material cost triggers integral efficiency efforts

High raw material cost is now the main challenge keeping feed producers in the...

Philippines approves PAP from ASF-hit countries

The Philippine Department of Agriculture (DA) has approved imports of processed animal protein (PAP)...

Pakistan poultry stabilizing with low disease

Pakistan’s poultry industry is stabilizing with the decline in disease prevalence and the arrival...

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Philippine vets seek oversight on antimicrobial use

The misuse and abuse of antimicrobials have led to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and the...

FlyLab sees viability of BSF meal in Thailand

FlyLab, a startup in Thailand, believes that black soldier fly (BSF) meal can address...

Big Dutchman Philippines has new MD

Big Dutchman Asia announced the appointment of Erwin Fajardo as Managing Director of Big...

Asia leads in alternative proteins consumption

Asia is set to lead in alternative proteins consumption and manufacturing, based on market...

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Asia leads in alternative proteins consumption

Asia is set to lead in alternative proteins consumption and manufacturing, based on market reports and production facilities built or being built in the region. The Good Food Institute (GFI) reports that investments into the alternative proteins market across Asia...

Factors to consider when tweaking feed formulation

RAJESWARI RAMANEE and the Asian Agribiz team find that poultry producers in the region are using alternative ingredients to tweak feed formulation. However, an...

Ukraine to resume grain exports, prices soften

This week we have both good and bad news. The good is that corn prices are seen to be dropping as Ukraine and Russia have come to an agreement on the Black Sea ports. The bad news? We can...

Don’t chicken out, poultry is a numbers game

The poultry industry in Asia is going through a difficult phase with high inflation and production costs, but poultry and veterinary  consultant Chin How...

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