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Management Matters: Management of feeding at weaning matters – Part 1

Management of weaning matters, actually this is not true, management of weaning is critical. Unfortunately, so few stockpeople really understand weaning.

Sulfur and sulfate in diets – is it a concern?

ALESSANDRA MONTEIRO, ARTURO PIÑON and PASCAL PEU explain that although sulfur is an essential nutrient in swine diets, it is associated with hydrogen sulfide emissions, which can cause odors, gut health problems, respiratory distress and be a source of air, water and soil pollution.

Guanidino acetic acid improves performance and carcass quality in swine

BALACHANDAR JAYARAMAN, PRADEEP KRISHNAN and LUKAS BAUER discuss how a natural creatine precursor guanidino acetic acid supplies creatine, ensuring that high energy demanding cells (particularly muscles) are supplied sufficiently, improving the performance and carcass quality of finisher pigs.

Piglet health starts in the gut

Intestinal health comprises a wide range of areas, but in this technical article ANNAFE PERINO focuses on creating a good balance in the gut microbiome of young pigs.

Yeast probiotics as an alternative solution to reduce antibiotics

Supplementing sows’ diets with yeast has been shown to help manipulate bacteria in their gut, thereby encouraging beneficial bacteria to colonize the piglet’s gut pre-weaning. This ensures piglets are better prepared to manage weaning stresses writes ALLAN SALAZAR.

Managing your costs matters

We farm pigs to make a profit. But there’s not always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

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