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Management Matters – Management of non-viable pigs matter

The farm health team is composed of a number of different characters all playing their own role. These roles, however, may conflict with each other.

Effect of zinc source on pork quality

MIEKE ZOON presents that supplementation with a highly available zinc glycinate can be a good strategy to reduce losses during chilling of the carcass and oxidation of cooked meat, retaining pork quality better over time.

Raising the phytase podium

Effective phytases are currently available in the market, however, according to RACHAEL HARDY, there is still room for improvement, including high activity at low pH conditions which prevail in the upper digestive tract.

Oxidation unlocks the full benefits of dietary β-carotene

WILLIAM RILEY and JAMES NICKERSON report the effect of Oxidized β-carotene added to the pre- and post-wean diets of piglets raised under commercial conditions in Vietnam to evaluate efficacy in promoting health and growth performance.

Management Matters – Managing the boar matters – handling boars

It is always a shock when I see experienced stockpeople taking unnecessary risks when handling their boars. Boars are extremely dangerous animals.

Zinc – the golden key to repopulate after ASF

YOHANN LAURENT and MEGAN EDWARDS focus on the role dietary zinc can play as the most crucial trace element in boar fertility.

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