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Management Matters – Managing the setup of the breeding row matters

There is a predictable wean-to-service interval in weaned sows. Managing this predictability to save time to enhance the farm’s reproductive efficiency matters.

Vaccines: What is their role?

It is essential that producers get the most value from the vaccines they choose to use. OLIVER DURAN lists some important factors to consider when selecting your vaccine.

Maximizing the benefits of fiber in sows

GUSTAVO CORDERO discusses how the application of a stimbiotic is an opportunity in sows to increase the fibrolytic species of the microbiota, increasing fiber digestion and increasing short chain fatty acid production, thereby acting similarly to the effect of soluble dietary fiber addition.

Micro-enteral nutrition for piglets – boosts weaning weights, minimizes mortality

QIAO QINGYAN presents trials in China which clearly show that micro-enteral nutrition gives pigs an advantage earlier in life and helps to dramatically improve overall weight gain and reduce mortality.

Management Matters – Management of your boar matters

The obvious question is, what is the boar’s impact on my farm? Using today’s (2022) technology, one boar could produce over 100,000 piglets a year! Therefore, it is vital that we understand how the boar works.

Tackling toxins, preserving pig performance

SI-TRUNG TRAN and FELLIPE FREITAS BARBOSA explore why the interaction between mycotoxins and endotoxins poses significant risks for pig producers and how toxin-mitigating solutions can support management strategies.

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