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Quail eggs offer growth and export potential

Thailand’s quail sector has progressed ahead of its counterparts in the region. While other countries still focus on fresh quail eggs, Thailand produces and exports value-added eggs, writes HA THU and the Asian Agribiz team.

Nam Huong pioneers cage-free egg roduction in Vietnam

Cage-free farming is still a new concept in Vietnam. However, Nam Huong chose to invest in it despite challenges, writes HA THU.

Egg business in Southeast Asia flourishes despite challenges

In 2020, Southeast Asia accounted for 8.8% of the global egg production and its growth between 2019 and 2020 represented an amazing contribution of 23.4% to global growth in the egg sector. Can this growth be sustained and what are the opportunities for the region? The opportunities are huge, writes Dr VINCENT GUYONNET.

Eggcellent Poultry Farm builds up slowly but surely

Philippine egg producers face many challenges, not least of which is rising production costs — which is why efficiency is key. For Eggcellent Poultry Farms in Isabela province, finding ways to achieve efficiency is a priority, writes ISA Q TAN.

IBH: Emerging and not widely diagnosed

Inclusion body hepatitis (IBH) can infect breeders, broilers, and layers. Transmitted vertically and horizontally, this disease can cause sudden onset of mortality up to 30%, writes MELIYANA and the Asian Agribiz team.

Automating egg intake in hatchery offers higher hatchability, profits

Automation increases hatchability by a minimum 2%, Teddy Chandra tells ARIEF FACHRUDIN.

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