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Optimum brooding conditions for robust layer chicks

To make sure layer chicks reach their optimum weight, RAFAEL LERA GARCIA, Veterinarian & Technical Specialist at Hendrix Genetics, lays down parameters to consider during the brooding period.

Ayam Goreng Karawaci hopes to return to strength after the pandemic

Set up on the premise that demand for quick service restaurants was growing, Ayam Goreng Karawaci has had to reassess after a year of pandemic, writes MELIYANA.

Fast food lessons during the pandemic

Fast food, the pandemic and customer response have taught this Quality Integrated Agro a thing or two about product innovation, creativity, and quality assurance, writes ZAHRAH IMTIAZ.

STF focuses more on cage-free and value-added eggs to capture market

In an interview with Thai egg producer Saeng Thong Saha Farm, Thanawut Ualapan tells PAYUNGSAK WIRIYABUNDITKUL that the company will increase its cage-free egg production this year. It will also focus on premium eggs such as organic and omega-3 enriched eggs in a bid to attract health-conscious consumers.

Triple threat brings new dynamics to duck industry

Covid-19 and avian influenza have brought duck producers to their knees, although another virus is bringing new faces to duck farming, writes the Asian Agribiz team.

Astino wins with modern approach to elevated houses

Elevated broiler houses made from wood and bamboo have long been used in Southeast Asia. But Astino has modernized the old system to generate ‘gold’ broiler quality and performance, Edvent Chin tells ARIEF FACHRUDIN.

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