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Broiler Feed QC addresses pathways to profit and performance

Sessions one and two of Asian Agribiz’s 2022 Broiler Feed Quality Conference welcomed more than 500 participants from 27 countries. Data analytics showed the participants rewatched the on-demand presentations, proving that the content offered good value.

Ceva sees growing adoption of in-ovo vaccination in SEA

Although the level of implementation of in-ovo vaccination in Southeast Asia (SEA) is relatively low compared to developed countries like the US and Japan, Ceva Animal Health said the adoption rate is growing fast in the region, writes PAYUNGSAK WIRIYABUNDITKUL.

Opportunities behind challenges

In a positive scenario, we expect the poultry industries in Southeast and South Asia in 2023 to continue its growth momentum since countries in the regions have relaxed their Covid-19 and economies have reopened.

ABF production: What can SEA learn from the US?

Do not fall into the marketing ‘trap’ that American producers have. Ionophores remain safe and effective anticoccidials, an expert tells ARIEF FACHRUDIN.

Emerging mycotoxins: A threat to prepare for

The majority of mycotoxins that affect poultry can be detected and then dealt with but what if there is a new group we are not testing for? These, known as ‘emerging mycotoxins’, are now becoming prevalent but there is little research done to detect them at the farm. ZAHRAH IMTIAZ writes about the risks we need to be aware of when it comes to emerging mycotoxins.

Chickin helps farmers raise quality and efficiency

Chickin, an Indonesian poultry tech startup, believes its smart farming technology can help farmers improve productivity and efficiency and manage environmental factors, writes MELIYANA.

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