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Building the industry amid cost, disease challenges

On its return, Asian Agribiz’s Pig Feed Quality Conference 2022 welcomed nearly 200 participants from 16 countries and focused on addressing the critical challenges faced by producers today, especially on managing feed cost, building a robust pig, addressing pain points in production, and repopulation following ASF.

Gut health needs to start at the nursery

Weaning is a stressful period for piglets and in this critical transition phase, many suffer from post-weaning diarrhea and other gut-related issues, leading to poor weight gain and immunity later. This stress can be minimized by improving the gut microbiome to withstand disruptions in their diet, writes ZAHRAH IMTIAZ.

Artificial intelligence: Resolving challenges in pig farming

An economist declared that the greatest potential advance in optimizing pig production across cost, revenue, and profit is the use of technology. ARIEF FACHRUDIN learns that some producers in China and Thailand have embraced technology to digitize their farming operations.

Wellhope Agri Tech modernizes farming in Nepal

Over the last decade, Nepal’s pig industry nearly doubled, and for modern farms like Nepal Wellhope Agri Tech, the potential will only grow. ZAHRAH IMTIAZ speaks to Wellhope’s National Coordinator and Strategist, Jitendra Lama, about the company’s plan to modernize Nepal’s industry.

Selecting the right genetics – what to consider

Landrace, Yorkshire/Large White, Duroc, Pietrain, Hampshire are just some of the breeds commonly used in pig production today. Add to this the many suppliers of genetics, and producers are presented with myriad possibilities. ISA Q TAN sought out what producers should look for when selecting the right genetics for their operations.

Universal Robina roots itself in sustainability

Sustainability is an important issue in the animal protein industry. With the livestock value chain being pinned as major contributors to environmental problems, producers are working to lower carbon footprints and become sustainable. ISA Q TAN reports on how Universal Robina Corp (URC), of the Philippines, is working to achieve this.

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