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Selecting the right genetics – what to consider

Landrace, Yorkshire/Large White, Duroc, Pietrain, Hampshire are just some of the breeds commonly used in pig production today. Add to this the many suppliers of genetics, and producers are presented with myriad possibilities. ISA Q TAN sought out what producers should look for when selecting the right genetics for their operations.

Universal Robina roots itself in sustainability

Sustainability is an important issue in the animal protein industry. With the livestock value chain being pinned as major contributors to environmental problems, producers are working to lower carbon footprints and become sustainable. ISA Q TAN reports on how Universal Robina Corp (URC), of the Philippines, is working to achieve this.

Modern operations keep Jade Tani profitable

Malaysia is not known for having a modern pig industry, but RAJESWARI RAMANEE writes about one farm that adopted modernization and implemented strict biosecurity measures early on.

Boosting farm efficiencies with data technology

Data and digital technologies like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, RFID, and the internet of things (IoT) have increased farm productivity and helped detect problems like health issues in pigs. PAYUNGSAK WIRIYABUNDITKUL and the Asian Agribiz team look at how producers in Asia are applying digital technologies to make their operations more efficient.

The boar nutrition conundrum

There is a lot of information on what and how to feed sows, gilts, piglets, and grower-finisher pigs. However, not much is available when it comes to boar nutrition. This seems odd, considering that 50% of the genetic makeup of slaughter pigs comes from the boar. ISA Q TAN finds out why this is so and why boar nutrition should not be taken for granted.

BaF Vietnam eyes leading spot with pork value chain expansion

BaF Vietnam (BaF) has been continuously establishing new pig farms over the past two years. The company aims to become one of the three largest feed-farm-food (3F) pork value chain developers in the country, writes HA THU.

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