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The way of the future: High-rise pig farms

Demand for pork is growing, especially in countries where ASF nearly wiped out herds. Already feeling that pressure, pig producers must also face other concerns such as land scarcity and the growing threat of disease. HA THU writes that multi-level pig farms could be the answer.

ASF prompts resurgence of DDGS use in pig feed

Dried distillers’ grain with solubles (DDGS) hit a high note with pig producers in Southeast Asia as beneficial for alternative feed systems. RAJESWARI RAMANEE discovers its efficacy and how the industry favors DDGS in liquid form as an overall feed solution.

YSK Freshmart takes pork retail to a new level

Good value plus affordability make YSK’s pork retail a growing asset, writes RAJESWARI RAMANEE.

Non-AGP pork opens opportunities for Nathalia Farm

Mahkota Fery Sulistiono started raising AGP-free pigs after ASF hit his farm in 2019. Shortly thereafter, he found that demand for non-AGP pork began increasing, writes MELIYANA.

Symbiotic Foods pushes for biosecure commercial farming

Starting from scratch in Assam, India, where pig farming is still nascent, Manoj Kumar Basumatary has introduced the area to professional commercial production with both upstream and downstream components, writes ZAHRAH IMTIAZ.

Is all-in-all-out management necessary?

All-in-all-out (AIAO) management is essential in minimizing disease spread on a farm, among other things. Yet, many pig producers are reluctant to implement it. ISA Q TAN looks at the system’s benefits and drawbacks.

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