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Maintaining productivity with alternative feed ingredients

Asian Agribiz’s Layer Feed Quality Conference 2022 attracted 150 participants, including 100 from Southeast Asia and South Asia. We look at how the experts maintained productivity with alternative feed ingredients and found ways to turn a profit as ingredient prices rose. They also discussed how to set up layers for a profitable mid to late-lay.

A volatile feed industry: Alltech offers solutions

The feed industry is seeing unprecedented volatility in the commodity markets, forcing fundamental changes in the way feedmillers across Asia plan and formulate feed, writes ZAHRAH IMTIAZ.

FlyLab sees viability of BSF meal in Thailand

Flylab, a startup in Thailand, believes that black soldier fly (BSF) meal can address several sustainability concerns facing traditional feed production. The company aims to supply its BSF meal to poultry, aquaculture farms, and pet food companies. To woo these markets, it needs to be price competitive, writes PAYUNGSAK WIRIYABUNDITKUL.

Why caring about climate change is good for your business

Developing a sustainability strategy for the global food and feed industries starts with industry players understanding climate change and how it impacts not just the planet and the people, says Dr TWAN VAN GERWE, Technical Director, and SABRIA REGRAGUI MAZILI, Editor, EW Nutrition who outline the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Nutricell finds fortune in wet pet food production

Already a distributor of dry pet food, the Indonesian company recently acquired a wet pet food plant due to the market’s promising potential, writes ARIEF FACHRUDIN.

Rhone Ma targets regional market leadership in animal nutrition

RAJESWARI RAMANEE writes how Rhone Ma’s new animal nutrition plant is gearing up to strengthen its presence in the regional livestock industry with quality products.

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