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Building up the industry amid cost, disease challenges

On its return, Asian Agribiz’s Pig Feed Quality Conference 2022 welcomed nearly 200 participants from 16 countries and focused on addressing the critical challenges faced by producers today, especially on managing feed cost, building a robust pig, addressing pain points in production, and repopulation following ASF.

Keys to achieving sustainability in dairy nutrition

Sustainability in dairy farming requires rethinking nutrition to reduce the impact of the industry on the climate. This can be done through simple tweaks to feed formulation and farm management, writes MELIYANA.

FGV formulates feed for native chicken in Malaysia

FGV Holdings, one of Malaysia’s leading palm oil producers, has ventured into native chicken feed in partnership with Padiberas National Berhad (Bernas). RAJESWARI RAMANEE spoke to FGV’s Group CEO, Dato’ Mohd Nazrul Izam Mansor on the idea of investing in this new line of feed.

Great expectations for feed in 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic ushered in an era of chaos and unpredictability to supply chains around the world. The animal feed sector in Asia was not spared. By the end of 2021, as vaccine rollout and economies started to cautiously open, it brought some hope for 2022.

Stopping the spread: Using feed safety to prevent pathogen transmission

Recent outbreaks of avian influenza (AI) and ASF have prompted animal producers to review and tighten biosecurity measures, writes ERIC CHEW.

The boar nutrition conundrum

There is a lot of information on what and how to feed sows, gilts, piglets, and grower-finisher pigs. However, not much is available when it comes to boar nutrition. This seems odd, considering that 50% of the genetic makeup of slaughter pigs comes from the boar. ISA Q TAN finds out why this is so and why boar nutrition should not be taken for granted.

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