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Boosting gut immunity without AGPs

The second part of Asian Agribiz’s Broiler Feed Quality Conference 2021 was led by Robert Swick, Professor at the University of New England, Australia and Robert Renema, Principal at Robert Renema & Associates Poultry Consulting, Canada.

BSF larvae research offers savings and boosts productivity for fish farmers

Latest research by Indonesian scientists show that black soldier fly (BSF) larvae is a promising alternative protein source for fish — a welcome relief as feed makes up close to 60% of production costs, writes MELIYANA.

eFeed crafts cost-effective feed for producers in India

Indian startup eFeed is trying to bridge the knowledge gap between traditional and modern animal nutrition in the country. Kumar Ranjan, eFeed CEO, talks to ZAHRAH IMTIAZ about how they set about to teach more livestock farmers to tailor cost-effective feed suited for their livestock.

Enriched eggs gain traction, offer higher value

Enriched eggs are becoming popular among consumers as a cost-effective way to boost immunity. Dr TAKEHIKO HAYAKAWA looks at the kinds of enriched diets that can be adopted to provide both health benefits as well as commercial success for layer farmers.

Making alternative ingredients attractive to fussy broilers

Asian Agribiz’s Broiler Feed Quality Conference 2021 was a success with close to 600 delegates – from Southeast Asia, South Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Turkey, and Russia.

Feed quality and biosecurity top priorities for Biotech Farms

From the start, Biotech Farms, an integrator in Mindanao, the Philippines, put feed quality and biosecurity as top priorities. With disease continuing to threaten the livestock industries, the company stepped up to ensure the feed it gives its animals are safe and clean, writes ISA Q TAN.

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