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White striping and spaghetti meat abnormalities in broilers

To meet growing demand, commercial broilers have been selected for high growth efficiency and meat yield. Today, modern broilers reach their market weight in half the time (6 weeks) of chickens raised in 1970s. The success in breeding, however, has been tarnished by growth-related abnormalities, namely white striping (WS), wooden breast (WB) and spaghetti meat (SM), writes Dr YUWARES MALILA.

Keeping up with consumer demand for value-added products

Improving the value of the meat business and products, in response to new consumer behavior is crucial to maintaining market share, writes MELIYANA and the Asian Agribiz team.

Inspiring taste buds across Pakistan

Sabroso, a division of poultry integrator Sabir’s Poultry, is making headway in Pakistan’s processed food market. Executive Director Muhammad Salman Sabir tells ZAHRAH IMTIAZ that their success lies in being able to bring ‘novelty and convenience to the market’.

Sector Report – Health and safety hit high notes for cooked meat in Asia

Processors of cooked meat products in Asia are taking health and safety issues more seriously, writes RAJESWARI RAMANEE and the Asian Agribiz team.

Management Column–The management of paradox: capturing lessons from Covid-19

Welcome to the new series where the aim is to provide a framework and tips to help capture the lessons from the Covid-19 experience over the past two years.

Management Column–Team leadership and leaders

The sixth and final article in the series discusses team leadership. As with the previous articles in the series team leadership is explored through the lens of Premium Pork Company (PPC) who appointed their first marketing manager last year. Recognizing the integration of sales and marketing skills the team decided to call themselves the consumer team. The senior sales executive was appointed team leader.

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