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Management Column – High performing teams: taskwork and teamwork

The first article in the series introduced Premium Pork Company (PPC), who appointed their first marketing manager in April 2020. The second article highlighted the importance of two different and antagonistic types of thinking: problem solving and creativity/social thinking. This distinction sets the scene for discussing just what we mean by high performance teams.

Processors set for evolution of poultry processing

In this exclusive market analysis by PETE VAN POORTEN of Meyn Food Processing Technology BV, he references a recent report that shows the impact of avian influenza and Covid-19 on the industry. Simultaneously, both have opened opportunities for processors who have their timing and investments right. Mr Poorten explores the expected market developments in Asia and how processors can stay ahead of the game.

The roadmap to developing India’s poultry processing

With the right policies, India could absorb 50% of its poultry into the organized processing sector in five years, and 80% in nine years, Alok Raj tells ZAHRAH IMTIAZ.

Betagro adopts Hitec’s versatile system for sausage production

The sausage sector in Thailand is growing and to stay ahead of the competition, Betagro believes that investing in the right systems is important, writes PAYUNGSAK WIRIYABUNDITKUL.

Convenience and comfort on a tray: Ready meals heat up in Asia

Changing consumer tastes and behavior hastened by the pandemic, as well as better technology in preserving food flavors and nutrition profiles have made ready meals’ Asia’s newest foodie trend, writes RAJESWARI RAMANEE and the Asian Agribiz team.

Sector Report – Smooth sailing amid pandemic for seafood sector

Covid-19, container shortages and skyrocketing logistical costs continue to be major challenges to the seafood sector in Asia. However, there’s a ray of sunshine amid the gloom as companies discover business opportunities in ready-to-eat seafood, value-added products and online channels, writes PAYUNGSAK WIRIYABUNDITKUL and the Asian Agribiz team.

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