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Tyson Foods sees investment potential in Asia

US meat processor Tyson Foods sees growth opportunities in Asia and is investing to expand in the region. It aims to grow its poultry business by adding capacity and investing in automation and digitization, writes PAYUNGSAK WIRIYABUNDITKUL.

Lemooin meets consumer demand for value-added products

The challenges of the pandemic forced many beef producers to improve their value chains. One such producer is Lemooin Jaya Abadi, an Indonesian feedlot and beef supplier that is developing its own products in response to changing consumer patterns, reports MELIYANA.

Mycovation’s mycelium could speed up acceptance of plant-based meats

Plant-based proteins have always struggled with mimicking the flavor of real meat, but biomass fermentation company, Mycovation promises to change this. Mycovation founder and CEO, Shiva Susarla tells ZAHRAH IMTIAZ that their product, mycelium can offer alternatives the breakthrough in texture and flavor of meat.

Health agenda could drive alternative protein growth

Consumer preference is changing motivated by lifestyle and priorities that shifted during the pandemic. It has prompted consumers to choose healthier food options to combat obesity and strengthen health primacies.

Producers invest in solutions to address challenges

From the pandemic, the labor shortage to high raw material costs, the meat industry in Asia has been experiencing significant volatility.

Sector Report – The meat of the matter: Demand for case-ready meats is growing

There is growing demand for case-ready meats in Asia, driven by rapid urbanization, the pandemic, growth in e-commerce and changing consumer behavior. Besides, consumers are shifting to modern retail, from wet markets, driving the sale of case-ready meats writes PAYUNGSAK WIRIYABUNDITKUL and the Asian Agribiz team.

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