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Optimizing digestive efficiency – the key to resilient piglets

NEIL GANNON and LAURENT ROGER stress that any decrease in performance in the early stages of life compromises pig’s performance in the growing and finishing phases.

Liquid methionine – value and application in the feedmill

EL MEHDI EL OUAHLI presents data from feedmills around the world showing the practical and technical benefits of liquid methionine.

Are your cows getting the most out of their diet?

ELIAS BUNGENSTAB reports that a dried, granular live yeast product with enhanced thermostability improves feed efficiency and rumen function, increases fiber digestion, and reduces the risk of acidosis, resulting in greater productivity.

Copper in ruminants – from essential to toxic

VALÉRIE KROMM explains that copper deficiency occurs when the diet contains an abnormally low amount of copper (primary copper deficiency) or when copper absorption or metabolism is adversely affected (secondary copper deficiency).

Updated phytase matrix values prove better utilization of nutrients

LEON HALL and PETER ADER present that a novel hybrid 6-phytase has unrivalled potential for feed cost savings, with reliable matrix values verified and quantified in multiple feeding trials in all relevant species with widely varying diets.

Shining a light on soybean meal quality

GYWNETH JONES details additional protein quality indicators that can be used as a guide to check impact of processing on soybean meal quality, including reactive lysine content and urease activity.

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