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Balancing amino acids in dairy cow rations

Plasma methionine (Met) is a strong indicator of bioavailability of rumen protected Met (RPM) products and is directly influenced by intestinal absorption of Met. ELLIOT NETO reports a study that compared a new RPM product to two currently marketed products.

Alternative ingredients to corn in broiler diets

REZA ABDOLLAHI provides a brief overview of wheat, sorghum and barley, as potential alternatives to corn in broiler diets.

A nutritionist’s view of feathering

Quality of feather cover in broiler breeder hens, especially during the production period, is important for the hen’s willingness to mate. SUTTISAK BOONYOUNG focuses on potential nutritional points that may be direct or indirect causes of feathering issues.

Broiler management and feed formulation approaches in hot environments

High temperatures reduce feed intake, and thus growth rates in broilers. SUTTISAK BOONYOUNG explains nutritional strategies to help alleviate the detrimental effects of heat stress.

Variation of main cereal byproducts used in poultry diets

LIHONG ZHANG and KEVIN LIU present survey findings for a large number of corn DDGS, rice bran and wheat bran samples received from feed producers in southeast Asia for NIR assessment, for proximate, total and digestible amino acids, and metabolizable energy (AME for DDGS) and their coefficient of variation.

Tackling rising inorganic phosphorus prices

The inclusion of feed phosphates in pig and poultry diets represents a considerable cost factor with phosphorus being the third most expensive ingredient. JAE CHEOL KIM discusses mitigation strategies for increasing inorganic phosphorus prices.

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