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Revisiting diet nutrient density to mitigate high ingredient prices

USAMA AFTAB presents Asian studies that reduced nutrient density diets may offer significant cost savings, and that feed efficiency corrected for body weight is a useful predictor of nutrient density of diets and could be used with different ingredients and prices to predict economic optimum nutrient density.

β-mannanase shows promise in maize-soy broiler diets

SHEMIL MACELLINE, SONIA YUN LIU and PETER SELLE evaluate an exogenous β-mannanase in maizebased diets, with standard and lowered energy densities offered to broiler chickens.

Influence of zinc source on broiler performance

AXEL MINETTO and RAHMA BELEGI discuss that the selection of a potentiated zinc source, with high bioavailability can be crucial for broiler performance and meat quality.

Alternative feed ingredients for laying hens

TONY EDWARDS gives an overview of nutritional value of wheat, barley and sorghum, as alternatives to corn and soybean meal, and how to formulate layer diets to accommodate the nutritional differences of these alternative cereals. He concludes that wheat and sorghum can be used to completely replace corn. Barley has the potential to partially replace corn.

The influence of amino acids and energy in mid to late-lay

PETER CHRYSTAL, MARIANA CIACCIARIELLO and RICK KLEYN investigate into whether the amino acid and energy requirements of laying hens in mid to late-lay has changed with genotype improvements.

Nutrition and health for extensive housing

Amid rising farming costs and labor shortage, it is crucial for poultry producers to make breeder farms efficient and profitable. One way is by adopting an automatic laying nest system, ARIEF FACHRUDIN learns.

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