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Fat deposition in broiler chickens offered reduced-crude protein diets

PETER SELLE, SHEMIL MACELLINE, PETER CHRYSTAL AND SONIA LIU consider fat deposition in relation to starch overload or ‘carbotoxicity’ in poultry offered reduced-crude protein diets.

Broiler water balance, excessive water excretion and litter condition – Part 1: Nutrition and feed

Dr TIM WALKER discusses broiler water balance and excretion to litter, especially those feed-associated factors that can cause excessive water excretion.

A better form of vitamin D3 for quality egg production

THAU KIONG CHUNG and MOISES JOHN REYES explain the proven advantages of 25(OH)D3, a more bioactive form of vitamin D3, particularly for more extended laying cycles.

Strategies to reduce heat stress in broilers

JOSEPH NG recommends management strategies, aimed to alleviate the negative effects of heat stress by maintaining feed and water intake, and electrolyte balance and supplementing with micronutrients to satisfy specific needs during hot seasons.

The use of alternative feed ingredients – the road ahead

With the ongoing growth of the poultry industry, future requirements for traditional feed ingredients (corn and soybean meal) cannot be met. RAVI RAVINDRAN reviews the limiting factors and precise feed formulation strategies to maximize the use of alternative feed ingredients and overcome their nutritional challenges in poultry diets.

From hatching to farm – ensuring good quality chick

Novogen’s technical hatchery team discusses control measures to maintain chick quality from the hatchery to farm that can get them off to the right start.

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