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Best of both worlds – boosting digestibility and intestinal health

KATHARINA NORDLOHNE and LYDIA ZEIBICH present an innovative probiotic feed additive that features the benefits of both lactic acid bacteria and spore-forming bacteria, leading to optimal gut conditions for more profitable production.

Phytogenics prove positive under gut integrity challenges in broilers

WERNER DE GAIFFIER reports that dietary supplementation of a mixture of eugenol and garlic can improve the intestinal integrity of broilers under necrotic enteritis and coccidiosis challenges.

Nutrient requirement of laying hens

USAMA AFTAB provides a quantitative overview of the energy, amino acid, calcium, and phosphorus requirement of white- and brown-egg laying strains. He also considers the challenges associated with laying-cycles extended beyond 80 weeks of age.

Litter management for broilers

MARK WRIGHT and TOMMY KROGH consider some key points to help broiler producers manage and improve litter quality.

Reviewing data logger information in broiler houses

MICHAEL BLOCK demonstrates logged data from a broiler house as an example to interpret how to detect deviations from the environment target and adjustments needed to ensure a comfortable climate condition for the broilers.

How do broiler breeders choose where to lay eggs?

After studying nesting behavior in broiler breeders, ANNE VAN DEN OEVER describes the ideal conditions that allow birds to perform at their best and to safeguard the quality of eggs.

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