Elanco, Ginkgo Bioworks leverage microbiome technology


Global animal health company Elanco and horizontal platform for cell programming Ginkgo Bioworks have launched BiomEdit, a microbiome innovation company.

BiomEdit intends to discover, develop, and introduce novel probiotics, bioactive molecules, engineered microbial medicines, and microbial monitoring services for animal health.

Elanco will contribute intellectual property and a pipeline of ongoing programs to BiomEdit, which will be staffed with members of the former Elanco microbiome r&d team.

Ginkgo has expertise in the discovery, design, and monitoring of microbes at scale for a wide array of functions. BiomEdit plans to leverage Ginkgo’s cell programming platform to improve the design and development of new differentiated products.

“Livestock producers and veterinarians are calling for new products that address antibiotic resistance and improve livestock sustainability,” said Aaron Schacht, BiomEdit CEO.

“Coupling the platform, pipeline, and deep expertise of the former Elanco microbiome team with Ginkgo’s unique screening and strain engineering capabilities will accelerate and amplify our ability to advance novel animal microbiome inspired products for animal health.”

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