Arunachal Pradesh culls 80 pigs due to ASF


Veterinary authorities from Nirjuli town in India’s northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh culled 80 pigs due to ASF last week, a report by The Arunachal Times said.

The culling came after a month-long surveillance of Nirjuli and surrounding areas. Nirjuli became the epicenter of an ASF outbreak in December last year after the North Eastern Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratory in Guwahati confirmed the presence of the virus. As many as 15 pigs have died due to the virus as of mid-February.

“The pigs were being euthanized and disposed of in a proper location under the department’s area,” said Gamnya B Garam, senior veterinary officer at the Disease Investigation Laboratory in Nirjuli.

Arunachal Pradesh reported its first ASF outbreak in April 2020.

India’s northeast region is the biggest pork-consuming area in the country. However, smallholder and backyard farms dominate the region’s pig industry, with just a few developed commercial farms.
Some key players, led by the North East Progressive Pig Farmers Association, are working to build up pig and pork production by promoting industry modernization and biosecure farming practices.

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