Thailand warns poultry farmers on increased risk of AI


Thailand’s Department of Livestock Development (DLD) has warned poultry farmers about an increased risk of avian influenza (AI) as the disease has been detected in many countries.

DLD Director General, Sorravis Thaneto cited reports last year by the OIE, of outbreaks in 61 countries around the world, The Bangkok Post reported.

The most recent, dated February 25, noted outbreaks of the H5N1, H5N6, H5N2, H5N5, and H5N8 subtypes in more than 30 countries in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia.

The H5N6 strain was the most frequently found strain in Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and China.

In response, DLD has reiterated the need for precautionary measures in the domestic sector and has tightened its biological security protocols and given best practice guidance to poultry farms and farmers.

DLD also urged poultry farmers to inform livestock or related officials of all unusual deaths or sickness.

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