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TH Milk boots average yield with high prolific cows from US

TH Milk JSC (TH), Vietnam's largest private milk producer, has imported 1584 Holstein Friesian (HF) purebred dairy cows from the US. This is the...

TH Milk director to speak at Dairy Feed Quality Conference

Hanan Saggi, Director of Feed & Nutrition Department at TH Milk, Vietnam, will speak on ‘Raw material options for Asian dairy production’ at the 2019 Dairy Feed Quality Conference. Mr Saggi is responsible for two feed centers, producing 500,000 million tons of total mixed ration a year, and a feed mill, producing 100,000 tons of concentrate for TH Milk’s 40,000 head herd. The Dairy Feed Quality Conference will be held on 16-17 September at the Hilton Sukhumvit in Bangkok, Thailand and will bring together an exciting team of practical hands‐on speakers all with experience of milk production under tropical conditions. Closing date for registration is September 9.

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