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Malaysian MPs urge action on plight of pig farmers

Malaysian MPs are urging the Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry to look into the plight of pig farmers as they deal with rising feed...

Short supply due to ASF pushes pork prices up in Sabah

ASF-related production drop and high feed prices have caused pork prices to rise in Sabah, Malaysia. Prices rose for the fifth time this year...

Rising prices and potential solutions

We are still on prices and cost-push inflation, which is raising raw material prices, cost of production, and ultimately food prices. Oil prices, supply...

Of contracting pork prices and industry recovery….

Global pork prices have contracted sharply – a good indication that industry recovery has outpaced demand. Producers, however, are not happy with the decline...

Growing production & exports

One of the most pronounced impacts from the global pandemic remains how tech is influencing the production and marketing of meat, with food safety...

Price caps upset Philippine hog raisers

The African swine fever’s detrimental effect on Philippines’ pork supply/prices as legislators and producers continue to squabble. A month after the government imposed a price...

Vietnam’s pork production slips again

The Department of Statistics (DOS) said that ASF is now under control but re-herding is still slow as piglet price remains high and the...

Thai pig imports diffuse pork shortage tension in Vietnam

Thailand sent about 500 pigs to Vietnam’s wholesale market in Ha Nam province on June 23. The pigs were bought-up within the day and this quickly pulled down pork prices.

Laos to raise standard price as pork price surges

The government of Laos will set a new standard price for pork as the current price does not meet the expectation of sellers. Currently,...

Consumers in Vietnam reduce consumption on high pork price

- Live pig and pork prices, across Vietnam have hit all-time high in the last two weeks. Consumers are feeling the pinch and holding back on purchase or reducing consumption.

Processing sector feeling the heat from rising pork price

- The continuous increase in pork prices in Vietnam has put pressure on food processing enterprises, especially in the run-up to the Tet holidays.

Vietnam works on measures to tame pork price

- ASF is expected to drive pork shortage in Vietnam in the next three months.

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