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Chinese beef market undergoing significant changes

Evolving market channels and consumer behavior influence beef market development in China. While foodservice has previously been the main channel, Rabobank now sees rising...

Rabobank anticipates tight global beef market in 2022

The global beef market is set to tighten further in 2022, driven by a continuing contraction in the US cattle herd. Rabobank’s Q4 Beef...

Argentina wants a slice of Indonesia’s beef market

by Arief Fachrudin - Since Brazil has successfully exported its beef to Indonesia recently, Argentinian beef traders also want to ‘taste’ the Southeast Asian country’s beef market.

Carabeef to further disrupt Indonesia’s beef market

- Carabeef or buffalo meat, imported from India, is expected to further disrupt the beef market in Indonesia. Cheaper compared with prices of local and imported beef, carabeef now has a stronger pull for Indonesian consumers.

Australia rules in Indonesia’s beef market

Competition in Indonesia’s red meat import market is tighter with Indian carabeef and Brazil’s efforts to enter the market. However, Valeska, Country Manager Indonesia...

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