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Overcoming weaning challenges

LILIANA BORGES and MELINA BONATO offer advice on how to overcome the challenges of weaning by reducing contamination by pathogens and improving the pig’s immune response.

Can feed additives reduce antibiotic resistance?

Dr NEIL GANNON gives an insight into how bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics, the modern approaches to assessing antibiotic resistance, and how research is indicating that use of feed additives does not increase antibiotic resistance in bacteria, and in many cases, can actually lead to lower levels of resistance.

In-feed probiotics can reduce the use of antibiotics

IAN HANDS, JENS NOESGAARD JØRGENSEN and LENA RAFF present Asian piglet trials that show a highly-selected, probiotic containing two naturally-occurring spore-forming strains of Bacillus promotes stability of the digestive tract and reduces pathogen load and can successfully be a tool to reduce antibiotics.

Management Matter: Swine influenza – a moving genetic target

Swine influenza belong to the family Orthomyxoviridae group A. The genome is segmented into 8 negatively sensed RNA pieces. The virus is enveloped.

Necrotic Enteritis control without antibiotics

Societal and legislative demands for chickens produced without AGPs can increase the incidence of enteric diseases such as necrotic enteritis (NE). Dr GANGGA WIDYANUGRAHA reviews the etiology of NE and recommends practical measures to reduce its incidence in AGP-free production systems.

Australian barley for broilers: value and opportunity

Dr TIM WALKER reports that feed barley is a proven, reliable grain for poultry, including broilers and its nutritional value is well understood. It has low mycotoxin contamination and while it’s better suited to breeders and layers because of lower ME, it can be included in broiler feed, including as whole grain.

Thermostability of NSP enzyme correlate’s with broiler response

USAMA AFTAB and GILSON ALEXANDRE GOMES share the results of a trial designed to test the hypothesis that thermostability is an important determinant of the performance response to the exogenous NSP enzyme.

The right charcoal source can support gut health

Charcoals have been known and appreciated for thousands of years for their purifying effects and general detoxification purposes. MIEKE ZOON describes how this knowledge can be applied to livestock and poultry to improve their gut health by reducing the negative impacts of enterotoxins & mycotoxins.

Novel trace mineral technology prevents oxidation in premix and feed

WENBIAO LU, YINGGU KUANG and MANLI LIU present new research that highlights the importance of form of trace minerals in animal diets.

Advances in fiber nutrition in monogastric animals: where do we stand?

JAE CHEOL KIM and ALEJANDRO CRIADO discuss how the information generated by fiber analysis using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIR) technology can be best used in practical formulations for monogastrics.