Virtual conference • 22 Speakers • 27 Presentations • 4 weekly sessions starting Wednesday 3 November

Four industry leaders tackling the critical issues facing broiler producers

Led by Matthew Clark
streaming 3 November 2021

Led by Prof Ravi Ravindran
streaming 10 November 2021

Led by Prof Robert Swick
streaming 17 November 2021

Led by Dr Robert Renema
streaming 21 November 2021

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Twenty-two experts sharing their experience and offering practical, farm-level, solutions

Mr Clark graduated in Agriculture from London University and has since focused mainly on projects in the feed and farming business in SE Asia. He concurrently worked on the development, sales and implementation of formulation systems starting with the Brill Corporation in Atlanta as Vice President of Product Development in 1990 and continued in that role as a distributor and consultant for Brill Formulation Systems. He is a founding member of Genesis Feed Technologies, based in Fargo, North Dakota.  Genesis develops software solutions for operational planning to enhance feed formulation systems and enable optimized purchasing decision making.


Prof Ravindran graduated with BSc (Agric.) degree from the University of Sri Lanka and, MSc and PhD degrees in Animal Nutrition from Virginia Tech University, USA. He has held academic and research positions in Sri Lanka, Canada, USA and Australia, prior to moving to New Zealand in 1998. He has had a distinguished international career in monogastric nutrition, having published in excess of 500 scientific works including three books and over 30 book chapters. Prof Ravindran is an acknowledged authority in the areas of feed evaluation, amino acid nutrition and feed enzyme technology.


Prior to his current position Dr Swick lived in Singapore and consulted for the American Soybean Association, Agrenco Bioenergy, Prince Agri Products and Addcon. He received a PhD in animal nutrition at Oregon State University and began his career at Monsanto working with methionine and feed preservatives. He later became Product Development Manager at Novus International. Bob has published over 250 technical papers, bulletins, reports, and journal articles and holds a patent on a novel grain preservation system. His current research interests are in poultry energetics, nutrient metabolism and gut health.


Dr Remena is a former Assistant Professor of Value-Added Poultry Science and Research Scientist in poultry growth and reproduction at the University of Alberta. With over 20 years studying the interaction of poultry nutrition, management and reproduction, he is well placed to provide insight into production will reduced or eliminated use of antibiotic growth promotants. He has over 600 classroom teaching hours and hundreds of industry talks and conference presentations, making him the idea person to lead the conferences’ discussion about AGP use.



Asian Agribiz has adopted the concept of virtual conferencing to create a learning experience that delivers practical, farm-level, solutions to producers in Southeast and South Asia without the need to travel and with the luxury of being able to watch presentations more than once!

‘Living with African Swine Fever’ was the first such event organized by Asian Agribiz. Held over four Thursday in February and March, this virtual conference attracted over 200 participants. Read some of their comments:

"It was an excellent conference. I liked that the half-day learning events were spaced over several weeks. The topics gave depth and breadth to cover this important subject. The speakers gave a hopeful path that we all need to be in for the long haul. We are now echoing the conference learnings in our organization and in the different circles that our people are connected with" – Glen Eric Ibañez, Division Vice President at Unahco, Philippines


"It gave us a better and broader perspective of the ASF situation worldwide, and an understanding of what needs to be done locally. I look forward to more events like this and hope these could reach more industry stakeholders, especially farm owners who must be educated about this" – Jan Adam Anoso, Key Accounts Manager, Industrial Sales - Hogs Division, CJ Philippines

"There was easy access to the presentations, with good updates on the ASF epidemic characteristics from infected countries to analyze and compare with previous publications" – Do Tien Duy, Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


"The seminar provided diverse perspectives such as virus characteristics, disease spread, effective disease prevention at farms, the market consequences after ASF outbreaks, and future technology such as vaccines. The presentations were concise. There were many parts from which we can adapt and expand on for disease prevention in our country" – Suriya Sooksong, Feed Technology Office, CP Foods, Thailand

"The topics were interesting, particularly Dr Khampee’s presentation, which is applicable and based on data" – Siti Fatimah, Technical Manager, Kemin, Indonesia


"The conference was very good, sharing ASF cases that occurred in several countries. Interesting topics, especially about biosecurity. This can be a reference to be conveyed to the farmer" – Ponco Cahyo Adi, Sales Manager Swine, CJ Indonesia

"A very timely and informative conference with practical and useful information on biosecurity and the disease. I hope the message will reach individual farmers as much as top management in companies" – Wasu Kasimani, GM, Chau Yang Farm, Malaysia