4 experts to lead 2023 Broiler Feed Quality Conference


Four broiler experts will lead the four themes of the conference. Matthew Clark, Director of FeedGuys Resources and Prof Mingan Choct, Director – Poultry Research Foundation of University of Sydney are the leaders for ‘Trends beyond crude protein-based diets’ and ‘Strategies and tools to help you analyze new science and products’ themes, respectively. The theme of ‘Optimizing calcium and phosphorus in lower protein broiler diets’ will be led by Dr Peter Chrystal, Nutritionist at Complete Feed Solutions. Meanwhile, Dominic Elfick, International Product Manager of Aviagen Asia Pacific will be the lead for the ‘Sustainability – threat or opportunity?’ theme. Any questions, please contact events@asian-agribiz.com.

Managing Editor and Editor, Asian Poultry Magazine, Jakarta, Indonesia. Arief discovered interesting trends in the regional poultry industry during VIV Asia 2023 and shared them in ‘4 factors driving growth of poultry production in Asia’.


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