4 crucial topics at 2023 Broiler Feed Quality Conference


Moving beyond crude protein-based diets, tools to help you assess new science, optimizing calcium & phosphorus, and sustainability are the key topics to be examined during the 2023 Broiler Feed Quality Conference. The conference will build on the blend of live and online presentations that worked so well in 2022. This approach merges the best of both worlds: the clarity of videoed technical presentations that can be studied privately and shared with colleagues, coupled with the excitement of on-stage discussion of the practical implications of the science. Any questions, please contact Sutasinee Lake and Pornmanee at events@asian-agribiz.com.

Managing Editor and Editor, Asian Poultry Magazine, Jakarta, Indonesia. Arief discovered interesting trends in the regional poultry industry during VIV Asia 2023 and shared them in ‘4 factors driving growth of poultry production in Asia’.


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