Aica dives in with a visit to Agrichexers


For my first interview as Asian Agribiz regional correspondent in the Philippines, I visited Agrichexers Corporation in Sta Maria, Bulacan to meet with its President, Gil Garcia, and learn more about the feed industry and the company.

It was interesting to learn how Agrichexers is navigating the market amid ASF and AI outbreaks and developments it is focusing on. Primarily a pig feed-dominated company, it has now diversified into feed for rabbits, muscovy ducks, and goats.

As a pet owner, I found the company’s innovation of producing pet food using the cold press method interesting. Producing pet food usually involves extrusion, but the cold press method renders a product subjected to less heat to retain the natural nutrients and flavor. They call these pet feed to differentiate from traditional dog food.

Aica (right) with Gil Garcia and Asian Pork Magazine editor Isa Q Tan.
Regional Correspondent, Los Baños, Philippines. Aica recently joined the Asian Agribiz team to cover the Philippine market and recently reported on the challenges facing the country's poultry and livestock industries.


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