Trials confirm effectiveness of Avac’s ASF vaccine


Vietnam’s Department of Animal Health confirmed that the Avac ASF Live vaccine used on CP Vietnam’s pigs is safe and effective. In December 2022, vaccine developer Avac Vietnam conducted trials on 271,424 pigs at CP’s 226 finisher farms. After four weeks of vaccination, all pigs are safe, with immune response reaching 94.85%. Avac General Director Nguyen Van Diep recommends using Avac’s ASF vaccine in finisher pigs aged 8-10 weeks, not for breeding pigs (gilts, sows, and boars). He told Asian Agribiz the vaccine’s protection could last for four months.

Regional Correspondent and Assistant Editor Asian Pork Magazine, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She explores how China is striving to reach 100% demand fulfilled for pork in ‘How should Asia prepare amid China’s pork miracle?’.