Upgrade businesses to survive, livestock producers told

Visit Limlurcha

Livestock and meat producers in Thailand must upgrade their business operations to survive amid challenges and intense competition. Visit Limlurcha, Vice Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, told Asian Agribiz producers will continue to face high feed raw material prices this year and must stay vigilant about diseases like ASF and bird flu. “If they don’t improve their production systems to manage costs and diseases, it will be hard to survive,” he said. Producers should diversify feed sources to control costs and invest in technology and automation to improve food hygiene and prevent contamination, Mr Visit added.

Joint-Editor, Asian Meat Magazine and Meat Insider, Bangkok, Thailand. Writes on how high inflation and raw material costs challenges in Thailand are not a deterrent for the plant-based protein market in ‘Taste, flavor and nutrition important for plant-based protein’.