DDGS, brown rice are good alternatives for broiler diets


Manipulating the nutrient content of DDGS and brown rice to use in broiler feed is easier than you think, according to Matthew Clark. In this podcast following through from the Broiler Feed Quality Conference 2022, he looks at the salient points of these two ingredients such as:

• Choosing the right location and producers of DDGS means better results

• understanding the true value of the DDGS

• using NIR tools, the variability and content of DDGS is better understood

• brown or co-rice is an excellent alternative, should be encouraged in production

• the nutrient profile of brown rice is almost the same as corn and why

Mr Clark graduated in Agriculture from London University and has since focused mainly on projects in the feed and farming business in Southeast Asia. He is a founding member of Genesis Feed Technologies, based in Fargo, North Dakota. He concurrently works on the development, sales, and implementation of formulation systems, starting with the Brill Corporation in Atlanta as Vice President of Product Development in 1990 and continued in that role as a distributor and consultant for Brill Formulation Systems.

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