What can we learn from China’s race to GM seed


Food security is a top priority for China and like many governments in Asia, they are keen on securing their own local supply. One of the main ways this can be achieved through is improving crop yields with GM seed. Asian Agribiz talks to Darin Friedrichs, co-founder of Sitonia Consulting to know how China is managing to get everyone on board with GM.

This podcast will touch on:

• The impact of GM policy in China

• How governments can convince the public on GM

• Long term grain market implications as China turns to GM

Editor, Asian Feed Magazine and FeedWatch, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Weaning is a stressful period for piglets and in this critical transition phase, many suffer from post-weaning diarrhea and other gut-related issues, she writes in ‘Gut health needs to start at the nursery’.


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