Alltech has big plans for Asia with new plant in Vietnam


Alltech has big plans for Asia as it considers the region an important market. “At least five of Alltech’s acquisitions in the next 5-10 years will be in Asia,” Dr Mark Lyons, President and CEO, told Asian Agribiz. 

Last week, Alltech inaugurated the first organic mineral production plant in Vietnam. The Bioplex plant, which can produce 7000 tons of organic trace minerals annually, is Alltech’s first organic mineral production facility in Vietnam and the fourth in Asia.

Organic trace minerals trending 

“The use of organic trace minerals will be a trend in animal nutrition. It will bring higher feed efficiency and a more environmentally friendly approach (by improving FCR and reducing feed waste) to the industry,” said Dr Lyons.

The Bioplex plant uses modern laboratory equipment, including fluidized bed dryer technology. This efficiently reduces the moisture content and creates a fine granular product that is less likely to be expelled into the air, resulting in reduced dust pollution.

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