Fiber and organic acids in poultry

Xavière Rousseau

Xavière Rousseau, Global Technical Support Manager at AB Vista, will discuss the role of fiber and organic acids in poultry. Dr Rousseau’s PhD work focused on mineral optimization in poultry and pigs. She has deep knowledge of interactions between calcium, phosphorus, and animal physiology. At AB Vista, she developed her expertise in bringing enzyme values to reach different production objectives. Her latest area of interest is the dietary fiber fraction and how to better characterize this substrate to optimize its use that would make sense for monogastric nutritionists looking for better productivity. For more info, click here.

Managing Editor and Editor of Asian Poultry Magazine, Jakarta, Indonesia. In ‘Biosecurity crucial amid AI challenges in 2023’, he outlines what is needed to get AI under control depending on how it affects the different regions.


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