Most corn in Indonesia contaminated with aflatoxin


Mycotoxin contamination in corn in Indonesia varies widely and include aflatoxin, deoxynivalenol, ochratoxin, T2, and fumonisin. However, the most prevalent is aflatoxin since the environmental conditions favor mold growth. Nutrition and feedmill consultant Budi Tangendjaja noted that local corn is a major contributor to aflatoxin contamination in poultry feed. “The aflatoxin level in local corn varies between 0-236 ppb. Over 53% of local corn contains aflatoxin at <50ppb, but more than 20% contains >100ppb. This will continue to challenge the poultry industry,” Dr Tangendjaja explained.

Regional Correspondent, Jakarta, Indonesia. She delves into how peanuts can be used as the base raw ingredients in making plant-based proteins in ‘Haofood aims for taste and accessibility’.