Protecting against poultry diseases with 3-in-1 vaccine


Marek’s (MD), infectious bursal (IBD) or Gumboro, and Newcastle disease (ND) are prevalent in Asia. Providing a strong immune foundation and optimized protection against the three poultry diseases is important.

Asian Agribiz speaks to Phang Yuen Fun, Technical Manager, Avian, at Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, about the three viral diseases and a breakthrough in hatchery vaccination.

In this podcast, Dr Phang explains about:

  • The current situation of MD, IBD, and ND in Asia.
  • Boehringer’s 3-in-1 hatchery vaccine to protect against the diseases.
  • Key advantages of the vaccine and the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of using it.
Managing Editor and Editor, Asian Poultry Magazine, Jakarta, Indonesia. Arief discovered interesting trends in the regional poultry industry during VIV Asia 2023 and shared them in ‘4 factors driving growth of poultry production in Asia’.


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