Solving the pain points in Asian pig production


Asian pig producers are facing many challenges in production. One of these challenges is to grow the pig population in Asia post-ASF, and this is where technology can help, said Art Frio, Technical Director, 1st Ten Consulting Asia Pacific.

“There’s a huge deficit in terms of pork production and supply in pork-eating countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines post-ASF,” he noted. “Thus, farmers are looking at new and innovative ways to increase production. Doing so however can be costly, such as investing in evaporative cooling houses and using automation in feeding systems. But in the long run, it will be cost-effective as these systems help to save on water and keep infections at bay, contributing to lesser usage of antibiotics or medicines. Gone are the days we raise pigs in open spaces.”

On Day 3 of Asian Agribiz’s Pig Feed Quality Conference, streaming on September 29, Mr Frio will lead the session on ‘Solving the pain points in Asian pig production’. 

Editor, Asian Meat Magazine, Alternative Protein and Meat Insider, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Spoke to one of Malaysia’s leading pork suppliers about efficient farming using modern technology and biosecurity measures in’ Modern operations keeps Jade Tani profitable’.


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