September/October 2022 issue


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Global pork trade to pick up in H2 2022

Global pork trade is expected to pick up in the second half of 2022, thanks to some easing in feed costs and resilient consumer demand, Rabobank said in its latest global report.

Choosing the right genetics

With many genetics companies and breeds to choose from, what should producers look for when selecting the right genetics for their operations.

A slight sigh of relief?

As we head into the last part of the year, some positive news appears for the global pork industry. Rabobank expects a slight uptick in trade in the second half of 2022, thanks to resilient consumer demand and some easing in feed costs.
However, the Asian pig industry remains challenged not just by costs and diseases, but by inflation. Pork retail prices are still high. Demand is expected to rise as economic activities resume after the easing of Covid-19-related measures. But it is also dependent on consumer purchasing power, for which there are some uncertainties.
Nevertheless, there is no doubt that some recovery is underway, albeit at different paces. Vietnam seems well on its way as its government makes investments in the industry more appealing. In the Philippines, new farms are also coming up.
Read on to learn more about what is happening in the Asian pig industry.

Effect of zinc source on pork quality

MIEKE ZOON presents that supplementation with a highly available zinc glycinate can be a good strategy to reduce losses during chilling of the carcass and oxidation of cooked meat, retaining pork quality better over time.

Modern and

Malaysia may not be known for its modernized pig industry, but Jade Tani farm adopted modernization and implemented strict biosecurity measures early on, and is now reaping the benefits.

Universal Robina roots itself in sustainability

Sustainability is an important issue in the animal protein industry, which is often pinned as a major contributor to environmental problems. Universal Robina Corp relates how it is lowering its carbon footprint towards sustainability.

Raising the phytase podium

Effective phytases are currently available in the market, however, according to RACHAEL HARDY, there is still room for improvement, including high activity at low pH conditions which prevail in the upper digestive tract.

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