September 2022 issue


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Lessons learned in controlling AI H5Nx

Vaccination should be considered by all countries struggling to control highly pathogenic avian influenza (AI). And the vaccine seed strains should be antigenically and genetically similar to the current circulating viruses, ARIEF FACHRUDIN learns.

RDF remains resilient amid challenges

Since its inception in 1988, RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods Inc (RDF) has risen to become one of the leading vertically integrated agri-food companies in the Philippines. The journey continues and is not always smooth, but as ISA Q TAN writes, the company has remained resilient amid challenges.

Keeping avian influenza at bay

Avian influenza or bird flu is currently imposing significant pressure on the global poultry industry, Rabobank stated in its latest report. Poultry producers must strengthen their farm biosecurity, improve farm management, and choose the right vaccine, if vaccination is allowed by local authorities.

For the special report in this issue, we talked to Dr Teguh Y Prajitno, Senior Vice President at Japfa. He shared about H5Nx highly pathogenic avian influenza of the Gs/Gd/1/96 lineage, bottlenecks in implementing five core principles of rational vaccine use, matched/homologous vaccines, and immune evasion and antigenic match of avian influenza vaccine.

Also, we received an article from Daisy Roijackers, Manager Regulatory Affairs and Biosecurity at Intracare BV, about rapid transmission of avian influenza through drinking water. She explains the importance of cleaning and disinfecting the drinking water system for the prevention of avian influenza.
We hope the articles help you keep avian influenza at bay!

Transmission of avian influenza through drinking water

DAISY ROIJACKERS writes that the threat of avian influenza (AI) or bird flu is upon us once again and is rapidly circulating while severely affecting domestic flocks all over the world.

Rhone Ma targets regional market leadership in animal nutrition

RAJESWARI RAMANEE writes how Rhone Ma’s new animal nutrition plant is gearing up to strengthen its presence in the regional livestock industry with quality products.

Indo Livestock returns
with satisfying

After a pause of two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Indo Livestock 2022 Expo & Forum returned to the Jakarta Convention Center on July 6-8. The event hosted 200 exhibitors from 23 countries, with pavilions by Indonesia, the Netherlands, China, and South Korea. 

Indian sausage industry moves towards greater visibility

Sausages are catching on in India, with new entrants coming into the field. Sausage casing manufacturer Viscofan sees this as a great opportunity for growth.

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