Eliminating in-feed pathogens with acids


Feed is a major route for swine disease transmission. Feed that is contaminated with viral pathogens, even at trivial levels, could significantly increase the probability of infection with high morbidity and mortality rates. 

In this podcast, Andrew Yersin and Alex De Leon from Kemin Industries discuss the use of formaldehyde-based feed mitigants as a feed additive to prevent diseases transmitted via feed. 

They address:

• How organic acids offer safety to pigs and consumers

• The inclusion of organic acids in the feed do not present adverse effect on the pigs’ feed intake and growth performance.

• Using organic acids as pathogen mitigants can help enhance feed biosecurity. 

Dr Andrew Yersin is Senior Vice President, Quality Assurance & Monogastric Technical Service, Kemin Industries in the US. Dr Alex De Leon is currently the Head of Technical Services at Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health, Asia Pacific. Both have strong backgrounds and knowledge of gut health, veterinary nutrition, and feed formulations.

Regional Correspondent and Assistant Editor Asian Pork Magazine, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She explores how China is striving to reach 100% demand fulfilled for pork in ‘How should Asia prepare amid China’s pork miracle?’.


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