Evolving technology trends in the meat industry


Automation is on the rise in the meat and meat processing industry, with more companies in Asia investing in automated machines and solutions. While large multinational companies are investing heavily in technology to boost their productivity, smaller companies are not moving fast enough. Meanwhile, there are not enough professionals like veterinarians, animal husbandry workers and engineers who have knowledge of data analysis and technology. Hence, one of the major challenges facing the industry is technology education and digital upskilling.

In this podcast, Gordon Butland addresses:

• Automation and technology adoption in the meat industry

• Opportunities and challenges in adopting the technology

• Opportunities in online, direct-to-consumer protein sales

• Alternative protein market outlook

Gordon Butland is Director at G&S Agriconsultants.

Editor, Asian Meat Magazine and Meat Insider, Bangkok, Thailand. Discusses the business opportunities, challenges and price gaps of meat and alternative proteins with Maarten Geraets of Thai Union Group in the podcast, ‘Capturing plant-based business opportunities’.


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