July/August 2022 issue


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Eurodeli expands into

Malaysia’s Eurodeli started in 1991 as a café and delicatessen. Since then, it has become a well-known food industry/retail supplier, restaurant and is now available on e-commerce. Group Head Ivan Yap, tells RAJESWARI RAMANEE how the brand adapted to the impacts of Covid-19. 

The best of both worlds

In the post-pandemic business landscape, you can enjoy the advantages of two different things at the same time.
In this issue, my colleague Rajeswari Ramanee interviewed Eurodeli, the Malaysian company and a well-known retail supplier and restaurant. Group Head Ivan Yap said the company had to “change and adapt to the e-commerce and online side of things.” But at the same time, they “can’t ignore physical retailing” since many consumers still prefer to shop in-store.
Moving to Thailand, Betagro has launched its plant-based ‘Meatly!‘ brand. Dr Oliver Gottschall, COO of Betagro’s Food Business told me that more flexitarians have emerged, and this consumer group will continue to grow. But having said that, he believes meat and plant-based proteins will co-exist, as people will continue to enjoy meat products.
Enjoy reading other business developments, retail strategies and consumer trends in this issue.

Betagro’s Meatly! meets demand

With changes in consumer behavior, particularly concerns over health and food safety due to the pandemic, Betagro has launched plant-based protein to meet consumer demand, writes PAYUNGSAK WIRIYABUNDITKUL.

Capturing lessons from Covid-19

This article by MICHAEL O’KEEFFE focuses on the balance between continuous improvement innovation and exploration type innovation.

Meat retailers adapt in the post Covid-19 era

The pandemic has been a big game changer for the Asian meat industry. HA THU finds that to adapt, meat retailers came up with product innovations and new services.

Growth in value-added duck meat

Value-addition to duck meat products is key to drive higher consumption, MELIYANA and the Asian Agribiz team learned.

‘Soy fed’ label pushes protein content

Leading Indian poultry integrators are promoting the adoption of the ‘Soy Fed’ label for their processed chicken meat products, writes ZAHRAH IMTIAZ.

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