July/August 2022 issue


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ASF vaccine nears commercialization

The ASF vaccine developed in Vietnam will soon be commercialized. Confirmed as “safe and effective” by the USDA Agricultural Research Service, it is expected to hit the Vietnamese market soon – but reservations to its adoption are rife.

Boosting farm efficiencies with data technology

Data and digital technologies like Enterprise Resource Planning systems, RFID, and the internet of things have increased farm productivity and helped detect problems like health issues in pigs. Could it also address the labor crunch and biosecurity?

Light at the end of the tunnel?

In early June, Vietnam launched the first ASF vaccine developed by the National Veterinary JSC. The long-awaited vaccine, confirmed by the USDA as “safe and effective,” is expected to be an industry game changer, and hopes are high that its availability would encourage swifter repopulation by pig producers.
That said, many swine veterinarians continue to advocate stricter biosecurity protocols on farms, rather than rely on a vaccine. 
Meanwhile, some producers remain doubtful. There will likely be a wait-and-see period before its use will be widespread in Vietnam.
For now, life goes on for most producers, who are likely to continue facing not just diseases, but rising costs. They are not taking it sitting down, however, as they look for ways to address these challenges.
Read on to find out what industry stakeholders are up to now.

Zearalenone – a known but underestimated risk in gilts

Feeding ZEN-contaminated feed to gilts can have huge negative implications on animal health and performance. KONSTANTINOS SARANTIS explores the literature to explain why ZEN is so harmful to gilts and why a mycotoxin risk management program is essential.

The boar conundrum

Information about boar nutrition is few and far between. Why is this so and why should boar nutrition not be taken for granted?

BaF Vietnam expands with an eye on top spot

BaF Vietnam is aiming for top spot in Vietnam’s pig industry and has been expanding rapidly to achieve this goal.

Zinc – the golden key to repopulate after ASF

YOHANN LAURENT and MEGAN EDWARDS focus on the role dietary zinc can play as the most crucial trace element in boar fertility.

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