Capturing plant-based business opportunities


Alternative proteins, especially plant-based options, are gaining traction in Asia and particularly in Thailand. Plant-based options are becoming mainstream due to the rise in pandemic-related food safety, health, and sustainability concerns. Thai Union (TU) is one of the companies, which see opportunities in this arena. The company launched its plant-based ‘OMG meat’ brand last year, tapping consumer demand for alternative proteins. TU is optimistic about the prospect of this product category, but notes that it is crucial to improve the taste, texture, and nutritional value of plant-based proteins.

In this podcast, Maarten Geraets addresses:

• Business opportunities for plant-based proteins in Thailand and Asia.

• The main challenges in the plant-based proteins market. 

• Price gap between meat and alternative proteins and its implications.

• Thai Union’s plan for plant-based proteins and the company’s open innovation model.

Maarten Geraets is Managing Director of Thai Union Group’s alternative proteins division.

Editor, Asian Meat Magazine and Meat Insider, Bangkok, Thailand. Discusses the business opportunities, challenges and price gaps of meat and alternative proteins with Maarten Geraets of Thai Union Group in the podcast, ‘Capturing plant-based business opportunities’.


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