Staying ahead with innovation and technology


The Asian Meat Summit, organized by Asian Meat Magazine, took place on June 15 during ProPak Asia in Bangkok. Five speakers – from Mizuho Bank, Nandu’s and Provisur Technologies – were on hand to discuss about innovation and technology in the meat industry.

Major trends shaping the agrifood industry

Four major trends are shaping the agrifood industry: digitization, displacement, disruptions, and sustainability. JY Chow, Mizuho Bank’s Agri Food Sector Coverage Lead, said digitization and automation enable efficiency. “Precision farming will continue to improve the way you farm,” he said. For displacement and disruptions, producers should rethink the food chain with short circuits and circularly, while the industry must redesign the innovation ecosystem and funding. Meanwhile, sustainability is important, and producers must re-assess their principles for future growth. Return on impact is as important as return on investment, he said.

India’s Nandu focuses on innovation and technology

Nandu Group is focusing on innovation and technology adoption in all of its business units, remarked Vinay Gopinath, Nandu’s COO. He explained that meat consumption in India is growing, and ecommerce penetration is currently less than 2%, indicating huge opportunities. Nandu is leading the transformation, turning unorganized butchery shops into organized branded meat stores. “We use innovation and technology to delight the consumers,” he said. Nandu deploys Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) traceability to meet consumer demand and uses marketing technology to manage inventory and customer expectations.

Provisur promotes rotary forming innovation

Provisur Technologies promoted its VerTex Tender-Form rotary forming innovation, which improves patty quality, said Lee Thompson, Vice President of Further Processing Business Unit. “Patties have a better overall appearance and have more juiciness,” he remarked. Another benefit, he explained, is reduced cost of ownership because “the machine features minimization of quarterly maintenance time, fewer mechanical parts, self-lubricating knockout assembly, and all direct drive servo technology.”

Provisur introduces defrosting technologies

Provisur Technologies also introduced its defrosting technologies. Stephane Kulikowski, Sales Director for Lutetia brand, explained that the patented Lutetia cold convection technology optimizes conditions for transfer between the surface of the meat and air humidity and balances the internal distribution of heat in the food and transfer to the interface. Its patented Steam-Vacuum Process, meanwhile, allows the gradual low-pressure injection of steam under a vacuum to speed thawing without cooking the product surface.