Diseases make the round


Already challenged with rising production costs, animal protein producers in Asia are also being burdened by diseases.

China has reported a recent FMD outbreak to the World Organization for Animal Health on June 10, after 21 pigs in a slaughterhouse in Wuzhou tested positive for the virus. Meanwhile, the disease continues to wreak havoc among Indonesia’s cattle herd, endangering too its pig industry.

Meanwhile, Vietnam, Nepal, and China are feeling the pinch from avian influenza. Vietnam has reported the highly pathogenic H5N1 among unvaccinated flocks in Quang Tri province. In Nepal, AI has led to the loss of up to 2 million commercial layers and 1 million commercial broilers, discouraging many farmers from restocking.

Even more concerning is the fatal H5N6 AI strain reported in China, which infected a 49-year-old man after visiting a live poultry market days before being ill. He later died. So far this year, China has reported 14 human cases of H5N6. China has also confirmed two human cases of H3N8.

A bit of positive news. While ASF continues to hound producers in China, Southeast Asia, and South Asia, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Recently, Vietnam announced the commercialization of the ASF vaccine developed by Navetco. Besides Navetco, Dabaco and Avac also plan to commercialize their ASF vaccine this year.

Editor, Asian Pork Magazine, Manila, Philippines. Isa wrote a comprehensive report on how vaccinations work or fail, the types and trends in the article, ‘Vaccination essential for disease prevention, but not a silver bullet’.


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