June/July 2022 issue


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Egg processing uptake slow in Asian But will pick up

Thailand’s quail sector has progressed ahead of its counterparts in the region. While other countries still focus on fresh quail eggs, Thailand produces and exports value-added As Asian consumers favor more convenience in food products, demand for processed eggs, as raw material and ready-to-cook (RTC) and ready-to-eat (RTE) foods, is growing. Nevertheless, most markets in the region still import processed eggs. ISA Q TAN and the Asian Agribiz team look at how local industry players feel about egg processing and its potential.

Cost-effective IoT solutions

Poulta is working on providing the right data to the industry to facilitate a switch from a reactive to a proactive approach, writes ZAHRAH IMTIAZ.

Digitalization is not an option

Open your mind – we’re fast moving into the era of digitalization. I often meet producers who are comfortable with farming equipment/systems they currently have. Change makes them wary.

But change we must, and embrace new technologies to stay relevant and face new challenges.

In this issue, we interviewed Pakistani agritech startup, Poulta which offers cost-effective IoT solutions. Founder Ali Murtaza Solangi said, “many poultry farmers work ‘reactively’, making the lucrative industry extremely risky.”

We also interviewed Joseph Choo, Product Manager Digital Solutions at Big Dutchman. He said poultry production in Asia is rapidly moving towards automation and digitalization, catering to production growth. Efficiency is needed on multiple levels to ensure production integrity. 
Enjoy reading about the changing face of the industry.

Gut health and enviornment

Dr TIM WALKER discusses broiler water balance and excretion to Dr TIM WALKER discusses broiler water balance and excretion to litter, especially those enteric disease and environmental-associated factors that can cause excessive water excretion.

Enriched eggs gain traction

Enriched eggs are becoming popular among consumers as a cost-effective way to boost immunity. Dr TAKEHIKO HAYAKAWA looks at the kinds of enriched diets that can be adopted to provide both health benefits as well as commercial success for layer farmers.

Cloud-based solution for greater efficiency

Big Dutchman’s expert tells RAJESWARI RAMANEE that its BigFarmNet (BFN) Fusion is a game-changing software platform. It bundles all data generated by farms and adds relevant value to production.

Bioefficacy of Selenium

BING GUO, DENISE CARDOSO, MICKAËL BRIENS and VISHWAS GOWDA conclude that bioefficacy of seleno-yeasts is the gold standard to select organic selenium products in broiler feed.

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