June/July 2022 issue


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A rollercoaster year for feedmillers

The year 2022 has so far been volatile for animal feed producers in Asia. From high feed ingredient costs to supply disruptions, the industry has one focus in mind: How do we weather this storm? The Asian Agribiz team looks at how the industry is coping.

Nutricell finds fortune in wet pet food

Already a distributor of dry pet food, the Indonesian company recently acquired a wet pet food plant due to the market’s promising potential, writes ARIEF FACHRUDIN.

Construction challenged by rising prices

In this issue we see the release of our annual Construction Sector Report for the Asian feed industry. The industry continues to face grave challenges this year with raw material supply being disrupted due to the war in Ukraine, which has also contributed to rising raw material prices.

This has got producers earnestly looking for viable options. In Vietnam we see them switch their traditional suppliers as well as increase production of alternative ingredients such as cassava. Thailand in the meantime has opted to cut down on production domestically, focusing on more promising markets abroad.  

Practical alternatives to corn and soybean meal

YUWARES RUANGPANIT discusses using rice bran, cassava and by-products, palm kernel meal, DDGS and other novel feed ingredients. Including potential opportunities, their nutritive value and problems.

Rhone Ma targets regional market leadership

RAJESWARI RAMANEE writes how Rhone Ma’s new animal nutrition plant is gearing up to strengthen its presence in the regional livestock industry with quality products. 

Precision feeding in broiler growth efficiency

AMY MOSS, PETER CHRYSTAL, AAMIR NAWAB, REZA BAREKATAIN and TAMSYN CROWLEY evaluate precision feeding regimes to match the daily nutrient requirements of broiler chickens.

Vitamin a – stability and bioavailability

KOK-PING CHAN and WOLF PELLETIER present that various vitamin A products have different stability and bioavailability and these important factors should be considered when choosing a vitamin A product for premix and feed.

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