May/June 2022 issue


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The lure of Kurobuta pork

Kurobuta pork is a treat few in the Philippines can afford, but there is a market for it. ISA Q TAN reports about Esguerra Farms, a company that focuses on this niche market by raising Berkshire pigs and producing Kurobuta pork locally.

Animal welfare advantages

Bioceleng Farm is enjoying good sales of the pork produced at its farm in Bali after implementing animal welfare standards. ARIEF FACHRUDIN writes however, that it entailed a long journey, tempered with determination and perseverance.

Fighting on

The global pig industry remains in the throes of ASF, with problems aggravated by rising production costs. Uncertainties hound pig industries around the world, and challenges are never-ending.

However, pig producers are a resilient lot. In Vietnam, consolidation and expansion are in full swing, with companies like BaF, Japfa Vietnam, Duyen Thinh Phat, and De Heus inaugurating new state-of-the-art farms.

Meanwhile, an ASF vaccine trial in the Philippines is raising hopes that things may soon be on an upswing.

Still, keeping on top of diseases through early detection should be a priority because cliché though it may be, prevention is always better than cure.

Read on to find out how the pig industry is doing in the region, and what may be in store.

The benefits of micro-enteral nutrition

Dr TIM WALKER discusses broiler water balance and excretion to litter, QIAO QINGYAN presents trials in China that clearly show that micro-enteral nutrition gives pigs an advantage earlier in life and helps to dramatically overall weight gain and reduce mortality.

Selecting the right gilt

Selecting the right replacement gilts is crucial to maximizing sow lifetime productivity and farm performance. In this article, NGUYEN VAN HUNG shares what characteristics pig producers in Asia should focus on to improve their gilt selection and ensure good productivity.

Vaccines: What are their roles?

It is essential the producers get the most value from the vaccines they choose to use. OLIVER DURAN considers some important factors to consider when selecting your vaccine.

Setting up the breeding rows

There is a predictable wean to service interval in weaned sows. Managing this predictability to save time to enhance the farm’s reproductive efficiency matters, writes JOHN CARR.

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