Layer Feed Quality Conference – Day 2 Highlights


Asian Agribiz streamed the second session of Layer Feed Quality Conference 2022 on Wednesday, May 18. Led by Chris Cobacha, Animal Nutrition Specialist at CDC Nutrition, it offered participants some tips on how to turn a profit as ingredient prices rise. Read below for some highlights.

Pay attention to nutritional requirements during rearing

Producers must consider the layer birds nutritional requirements during rearing periods, especially in the first five weeks. Vitor Arantes, Global Nutritionist at Hy-Line International, said the first five weeks of the rearing phase would affect later egg production. Poor management of the birds in the first five weeks will delay production, increase mortality, and prevent achievement of peak production targets. “In turn, it will affect egg quality. The birds will be fatter, and body weight will increase by 3-5% from standards. Therefore, we must give proper diets as soon as possible,” he said.

Maintaining Ca and P balance during the laying period critical

Maintaining calcium and phosphorus in the diet is critical during the laying period. These nutrients are necessary for optimal production and egg shell quality. “We need the right amount of both calcium and phosphorus for the period,” said Mr Arantes. In addition to the quality and quantity of calcium, proper timing is also important. “The peak of calcium intake is 5-6 hours before the dark period, so make sure to feed the birds the source of calcium and phosphorus at the proper time,” he advised.

Regional Correspondent, Jakarta, Indonesia. With a mortality rate up to 30%, Inclusion body hepatitis (IBH) can infect breeders, broilers, and layers. Meli led the Asian Agribiz team to find out how IBH is addressed in the region in the article, ‘IBH: Emerging and not widely diagnosed’.


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