Layer Feed Quality Conference – Day 2 Highlights


Asian Agribiz streamed the second session of Layer Feed Quality Conference 2022 yesterday. Led by Chris Cobacha, Animal Nutrition Specialist at CDC Nutrition, it offered participants some tips on how to turn a profit as ingredient prices rise.

Strategies necessary for farm profitability as ingredient prices rise

Management strategies are necessary to improve farm profitability as ingredient prices rise. Mr Cobacha said industry players must closely monitor ingredient inventory and usage. Ensuring ingredient availability is critical when ingredients become more expensive. He noted other strategies like culling unproductive hens and timely shifting to post-peak feed. “We must also plug operational profit leaks such as excessive ingredient losses, feed wastage, unnecessary formulation, and opportunity loss due to broken eggs,” Mr Cobacha explained.

Addressing higher ingredient prices through nutritional strategies

Nutritional strategies can help maintain farm operations amid higher ingredient prices. Mr Cobacha said industry players could use alternatives like copra, yeast protein, animal proteins, barley, palm oil, and DDGS to reduce production costs. He also recommends maximizing the usage of NSP and protease enzymes. In the Philippines, this could reduce cost by USD 3.80-5.70/ton of feed and USD 5.10-8.50/ton of feed, respectively. “Other nutritional strategies include using emulsifiers and feed design to improve the hen’s productive life,” he said.

Regional Correspondent, Jakarta, Indonesia. Meli covered how automation is revolutionizing the regional poultry industry in the article, ‘When digital poultry technology becomes a necessity’.