Layer Feed Quality Conference – Day 1 Highlights


The first day of Asian Agribiz’s Layer Feed Quality Conference 2022 was led by Matthew Clark, Principal, The Feed Guys, and focused on maintaining productivity with alternative ingredients. Day 2, streaming this afternoon, will give participants some tips on how to turn a profit as ingredient prices rise.

Mycotoxin biomarkers new clinical tool to measure real mycotoxin exposure

Mycotoxin biomarkers are the new clinical tool to measure, for the first time, the real mycotoxin exposure and evaluate the effectiveness of mycotoxin control strategies. Arnau Vidal, Innovad Global Technical Manager – Toxins and Stress, explained that diagnosing mycotoxin risk through only raw materials and feed analysis is not enough due to the uncertainties caused by them as the well-known heterogenous distribution of mycotoxins in the feed. All the research performed last year by scientific studies demonstrated that mycotoxin biomarker analysis allows to elucidate the real impact of mycotoxin exposure in animal performance and health status. Thus, “blood analysis is an exciting new tool in mycotoxin management,” he said.

Identifying real mycotoxin risk possible with blood analysis

Identifying the real mycotoxin risk is possible by using Innovad’s Myco-Marker blood analysis. From their case studies, Dr Vidal said they found that many mycotoxins detected in blood were missed in the feed. A case study in layers shows a farmer was using a mycotoxin binder and feed analyses were reporting low mycotoxin risk. From the feed analyses, only deoxynivalenol, fumonisins and zearalenone were detected. However, the blood analysis detected alpha and beta zearalanol, aflatoxin M1, ochratoxin A, tenuazonic acid, and enniatin A1 and B1.

Managing Editor and Editor, Asian Poultry Magazine, Jakarta, Indonesia. Arief discovered interesting trends in the regional poultry industry during VIV Asia 2023 and shared them in ‘4 factors driving growth of poultry production in Asia’.


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