Layer Feed Quality Conference – Day 1 Highlights


The first day of Asian Agribiz’s Layer Feed Quality Conference 2022 was led by Matthew Clark, Principal, The Feed Guys, and focused on maintaining productivity with alternative ingredients. Day 2, which will stream this Wednesday, May 18, will address how to turn a profit as ingredient prices rise.

Prepare feedmill for management challenges when using alternatives

When using alternatives, feedmillers also must think of potential management challenges at the mill, said Charles Stark, Professor in Feed Technology at Kansas State University. Dr Stark focused on additional storage bins, additional hammermill screens, changes to inventory management, and density of the finished product, among others. The type of alternative used can also affect pellet size and the moisture content in formulation, he added. Higher moisture can create larger particles. “So when choosing your equipment and alternative keep in mind the particle size you are going for.”

Grinding cost, mill equipment important when choosing ingredient

The type of mill equipment is important when choosing alternative ingredients for layer feed and can determine grinding cost. Dr Stark said hammermills were more conducive to a wider range of alternatives than roller mills. He explained that hammermills are cheaper to purchase and has a lower maintenance cost. However, roller mills are more energy efficient and have less moisture loss. “Roller mills also have a more uniform particle size of the milled product.” For larger particle sizes, however, roller mills are more cost-effective, added Dr Stark.

Editor, Asian Feed Magazine and FeedWatch, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Her, “A rollercoaster year forces feedmillers to bank on alternatives” analytical piece dives into the volatility within the animal feed sector in Asia and how to weather this storm with multiple alternative solutions.


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