Layer Feed Quality Conference 2022 – Day 1 Highlights


The first day of Asian Agribiz’s Layer Feed Quality Conference 2022 was led by Matthew Clark, Principal at The Feed Guys, and focused on maintaining productivity with alternative ingredients.

Insect meal unlikely to have major impact in poultry feed

Insect meal is unlikely to have a major impact in poultry feed, Peter Chrystal, Nutritionist at Complete Feed Solutions, opines. He explained that the first issue with insect meal (black soldier fly larvae) is its lack of data on ileal digestibility in poultry. The next is its variable nutrient content, which means it is substrate dependent. “Insect meal is a USD 2.25 billion industry, but it will only replace 0.2% of current (2020/2021) soybean meal,” he stated.

Legislated minimum crude protein is outdated

Legislated minimum crude protein for poultry feed is outdated, if the ideal protein concept is applied, and sufficient essential amino acids are supplied. Dr Chrystal explained that there is no correlation between egg output and dietary crude protein with trends towards improved output at reduced crude protein. Moreover, reduced crude protein has added benefits including less ammonia in the shed and drier litter. “However, many countries still insist on ‘draconian’ and outdated minimum levels of crude protein,” he revealed.

Managing Editor and Editor of Asian Poultry Magazine, Jakarta, Indonesia. In, ‘LSD causes economic strain on SE Asia’s cattle herds’, Arief points out that efficiency and safety of vaccination is paramount in controlling lumpy skin disease that is causing economic losses in the region.


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