Role of acidifiers when using alternative ingredients


Acidifiers play an important role when using alternative ingredients in formulating feed. Lily Li, Technical Director-Asia Pacific Region at Perstorp Animal Nutrition, will discuss this on Day 2 (May 18) of Asian Agribiz’s 2022 Layer Feed Quality Conference. Dr Li has over 21 years research and commercial experience across poultry, swine, ruminant, and aqua nutrition and production. She also serves as a lecturer/researcher in animal nutrition at the University of New England, Australia. Get the conference’s full program here and join the conference by registering here.

Managing Editor and Editor of Asian Poultry Magazine, Jakarta, Indonesia. In, ‘LSD causes economic strain on SE Asia’s cattle herds’, Arief points out that efficiency and safety of vaccination is paramount in controlling lumpy skin disease that is causing economic losses in the region.


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