How to make investments in meat processing during a crisis


The last two years have seen crisis after crisis affect global meat supply chains. Asia which is home to some of the biggest meat producers as well as consumers have been forced to adapt to change fast, simply to keep afloat. Asian Agribiz talks to Christopher Omiecinski, Meat Sale Director for the Asia Pacific at Marel to understand the challenges as well as the opportunities ahead.

This podcast will touch on:

• latest trends in investments into meat processing plants

• short and long term impacts of continuous supply chain disruptions

• trends in the primary as well as further processing meat products market

Editor, Asian Feed Magazine and FeedWatch, Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Russian-Ukraine war has intense implications on the world grain markets and Zahrah has her fingers on the pulse with articles like, ‘Wheat, corn markets shudder over Russia-Ukraine conflict’.


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