The PRRS-resistant pig: Coming soon?


For many years now, PRRS has been one of the most economically devastating pig diseases globally. Despite the availability of vaccines and improving biosecurity protocols, pig producers worldwide lose billions of dollars annually because of the disease.

Thus, the development of a PRRS-resistant pig, announced by the University of Missouri in the US in 2015, is a breakthrough for the global pig industry. But seven years later, the PRRS-resistant pig remains under research, still at arm’s length from commercial production.

In this podcast, Asian Agribiz talks to David Casey, Asia Product Performance Director at PIC Inc to find out how the PRRS-resistant pig came about, where the current research is, and importantly, will the PRRS-resistant pig be found in commercial production soon.

Editor, Asian Pork Magazine, Manila, Philippines. She put together the ‘Asian Pork Outlook’ that discusses how ASF and high production costs are being handled to keep the industry alive.


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