H9N2 endemic in most Asian and African countries


The H9N2 avian influenza virus is endemic in most Asian, Middle Eastern, and North African countries, said Teguh Prajitno, Senior Vice President of Japfa Comfeed Indonesia. Three Eurasian subclades of H9N2, namely G1, Y280, and Y439, vary in antigenicity. “Both H5 and H9 viruses can be found in migratory wild waterfowl, like ducks and geese. From May-August, the breeding ground for migratory wild waterfowl is Northeast Asia. From September-November, they fly southward, carrying any virus via three major flyways: East Asian, Central Asian, and the Black Sea,” Dr Prajitno explained.

Regional Correspondent, Jakarta, Indonesia. With a mortality rate up to 30%, Inclusion body hepatitis (IBH) can infect breeders, broilers, and layers. Meli led the Asian Agribiz team to find out how IBH is addressed in the region in the article, ‘IBH: Emerging and not widely diagnosed’.